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Eric Sapronetti

Eric Sapronetti is originally from Ohio, but moved to Florida over 30 years ago. He is a graduate of Florida State University, with a BA in Art Education. As a Christian, Eric derives great inspiration from God’s Creation. He considers God to be the Ultimate Artist.

Eric enjoys painting landscapes/seascapes and portraits.   He especially loves paintings with Historic relevance.   He does most of his work on commission, but also on inspiration!

His artistic talents first received recognition in the early 80s in the area of photography. Today he is also recognized for his paintings.  He currently has two paintings showing in the 30th Annual Gadsden regional art show in downtown Quincy.     

Lately, he and his wife have been commissioned for mural work.  They both completed a nice mural for Autowise, a car dealer in Tallahassee, and worked on a group mural for the Tobacco Barn museum in Havana, FL.   Their current work in murals include one in downtown Havana, which is already completed and another for a school library that is currently in process.

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  1. Eric, met you about 25 years ago hvac tech liked your paintings bout two lots or positive comments. Was wondering how things were going.


    • Hello! Don - you might want to message Eric directly as well to make sure he gets your message.


    • Hi Don... Still painting, only, I think (I hope!) I have improved a lot since. Doing a lot portraits and even murals now too. I have a couple of entries in an upcoming art show in Quincy, FL, one of which the Gadsden Arts and Museum gallery are using to promote the event. Staying busy! If you want to see more of my work, try this link:

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  2. Eric, I visited the art museum in Quincy yesterday to see the accepted pieces in the juried art show there (I have a photograph in the show). I really enjoyed your “Gulf Gas of Quincy”, especially your depiction of the clouds and sky. Well done! -Gregg Gleason


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