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Online Galleries

Even when you can’t make it to the gallery in-person, you can still enjoy the amazing artwork in our collection of exhibition online galleries.

“Miller often works on the floor of her home studio and makes use of unconventional tools such as kitchen scrubbers and yoga mats. She even uses a shop broom as a giant paint brush. While delighting in the unpredictability of the materials, Miller embraces the spontaneity that comes with a process-oriented approach to art making…”

This annual juried show is highly anticipated by Tallahassee residents and artists alike. On display are multimedia works from both experienced and emerging local artists. The exhibition features more than 50 paintings, drawings, photographs, textiles, and sculptures.

“As an artist and board certified art therapist, April Fitzpatrick is uniquely suited to exploring the therapeutic effect of creating. As a Black woman, she is personally invested in helping heal race-based traumatic stress…”

Brush Strokes 2022

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