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Amanda Boekhout

My name is Amanda Boekhout and I am an artist and mama living in Tallahassee, Florida. My partner, two children, cat, pup, and I live in a cozy home in the beautiful northern Florida Capitol city. Surrounded by giant live oaks and pines, swaying moss, singing birds, and chattery squirrels; the days are bright and breezy and the nights are warm and humid. Inspired by my time living in Florida and North Carolina as well as extensive travel across North America and Europe, I am in awe of the immense beauty of this planet and the creatures and creativity that encompass it.

Being raised by a hard working moon worshiping mama and a cabinet making craftsman father, I learned to appreciate the magic of nature, the importance of learning and excelling at your craft, working efficiently, and relaxing and traveling often. I received my MFA from Florida State and also taught visual art as an adjunct instructor there for 6 years.  I spend much of my time rearing my two young children and practicing yoga.

I thrive in the art studio and truly appreciate the time I get to create is solace. My work is an offering for the divine feminine. I strive to experience balance of masculine and feminine in the world. My artwork is my contribution to this goal. Namaste.


Briefly describe the class(es) you offer:

Divine Feminine activation with intuitive creative projects, yoga, breathwork, and meditation.

Willing to be a guest speaker / workshop presenter in a classroom setting.: No
Type of lesson (Private and/or Group): Private, Group

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