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The 2018 Kennedy Center Arts Summit

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The 2018 Kennedy Center Arts Summit



The Future States of America: Using the Arts to Take Us Where We Want to Go

The Kennedy Center Arts Summit is an annual spring convening designed to bring thought leaders from the arts and related fields together for conversation and connection. Set to be held in Washington, DC on April 16, 2018, this year’s edition of the Summit will look into the future — what is the collective future we want and how can we use arts, creativity, culture, and technology to get us there? How do we build a future where the markers of certain identities are no longer indicators of barriers or poor outcomes? Through the landscapes of education, health, and resources, participants will explore stories of existing, visionary projects and engage in dialogues with artists, futurists, scientists, engineers, and policy makers that help them catalyze new projects and partnerships, and bring them closer to activating a future where we all thrive.

Together participants will engage in a variety of panels, interactive art activities, and curated discussions that concentrate on major themes of identity, representation, creativity, culture, and technology.


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