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Music as Muse Call to Artists

Posted by Council on Culture & Arts (COCA) ; Posted on 
Call for Visual Artists - DEADLINE :  
Music as Muse Call to Artists



For more than 35,000 years, humans have relied on music and art to tell stories, celebrate momentous occasions, and connect to one another. We have a primal inclination to create and we are moved by the creations of others. Like our earliest ancestors, we continue to use these art forms to express abstract ideas, share information, reflect on our identity, and cope with life’s mysteries.

Art and music share an aesthetic language and terms like rhythm, harmony, texture, improvisation, and tonality are equally descriptive in both disciplines. There is a synergy between these methods of creative expression and the Music as Muse exhibition will showcase how music can serve as inspiration for works of art.

This exhibition is part of the Art in Public Places Program coordinated by the Council on Culture & Arts (COCA).


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  1. Could you please tell me a little more about this? Like when is the show, is it to sell art, and crafts also, or just to hear music, and where will it be located?


    • Use this link:


    • Hello! Please email for more information - thanks!


      • I have several works already completed in my
        Painting to Music Series.
        I did l have a show many years ago at the Artport featuring this work,
        Can you give me more info and let me know if you are interested in my work?
        I would like to speak to someone like Amanda if possible.
        Thank you, Barb


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