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Art Instructor Wanted: Madison Academy in Madison, FL

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Art Instructor Wanted: Madison Academy in Madison, FL



Madison Academy in Madison, FL, is looking for a for a full time, certified, art instructor to bring creative ideas and create individual projects that satisfy the curriculum. Madison Academy in Madison, FL, is in the midst of transitioning into a charter school but it will be an institution that focuses on the arts.

The new name is Madison Creative Arts Academy and includes grades 5K-8th. This is a superb school with high academic standards and the kids are well educated and the staff is wonderful. It’s a small school (approx 16 kids per class or less), but with it becoming a charter school, the enrollment is expected to increase. Being involved in the creation of a Creative Arts Academy from the onset and building a program offers a LOT of creative freedom.

For more information, contact the Head of School, Janna Barrs at or 850-973-2529


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  1. I have been a professional artist for 20 years. Please visit my blog to see a variety of art projects that I have created with the community and my website to see my experience as an art instructor and advocate for the arts.My mobile number is 850 524 9972. Hope to hear from you! Perdita.


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