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Sway Jah Vu

Sway Jah Vu is Florida grown alt-reggae. With a distinct sound, Sway Jah Vu blends soul, jazz, and rock with commanding vocals and hard hitting beats. “We want to push the limits for creating new and exciting music while staying true to our mission of creating a cultural sway.”

Since it’s inception in early 2014 the young alt-reggae band, made up of Travis Cockerham (guitar, vocals), Logan Pepper(bass), Terrell Sermon(drums, vocals), Paul Adams(keys), Eric Kennedy(saxophone), has released two studio EPs. With their sophomore release, In The Company Of Wolves, they continue to urge audiences to practice simplicity, patience and positiviity. The new EP also represents the group’s maturity and willingness to tackle far-reaching, hefty topics in a 5 song release.

While touring the Southeastern U.S. Sway Jah Vu is constantly evolving the way they impact their community by putting on free shows for fans, participating in benefit concerts, and volunteering with organizations like The Water Project. Chillin for Kids, and V.O.C.A.L. Animal Rescue.

The Stealing Secrets EP, released May 2014, has an inspirational theme and was written mostly about evolving one’s thoughts to come to a higher understanding about life, while also focusing on addiction and the struggles that it brings. “We wanted to give people hope who maybe felt like they had lost it.” With every inspi-reggae song Sway Jah Vu continues to exemplify the message ‘every day is a second chance’


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