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Good Vibes Only Murals

  • Starling Saucers by Caroline Manuel
  • Good Vibes Only logo by Matt Shanaghan
  • Kidulthood by Cosby Hayes
  • Solaris Scribere by Laura Powers
  • Nobody Wins by Peter Koenig, BAET COLLECTIVE
  • Syringa Vulgaris by Michelle Medrano (Soymeeshii), BAET COLLECTIVE Photo Credit: Marcela Castillo
  • EVIL! by Alex Koenig, BAET COLLECTIVE
  • Colossus of Thole (Homage) by Olivia Barattini
  • Pangea by Cory Williams (Coi)
  • Stop by Elton Burgest
  • Purple Haze by Sarah Painter
  • Elevation Contemplation by Jacob Cage
  • Love Dichotomy by Sarah Painter 
  • Shipping Crate Murals
  • All murals were curated by Sarah Painter. They are located around the facade of Good Vibes Only.

Date created: 2017


809 Railroad Ave., Tallahassee, FL, 32310

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  1. Can you help me identify the artist for each of the murals @ Good Vibes Only? Thanks!


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