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United Partners for Human Services

United Partners for Human Services

Vision Statement

Integrating Partnerships to Strengthen Our Community Prosperity.

Mission Statement

The mission of United Partners for Human Services is to educate, support and advocate for public and private not-for-profit human service agencies of the Big Bend.


  1. Work collaboratively and cooperatively in providing the maximum benefit to all people.
  2. Increase the effectiveness of human services through high quality instruction on cutting edge topics.
  3. Strengthen accountability to the community.
  4. Increase knowledge, awareness and dialogue through advocacy regarding the impact of human services on social justice and quality of life in our community.
  5. Demonstrate the economic impact of our agencies and services on the community.

Values Statement

United Partners for Human Services believes that human services shall be:

  1. Comprehensive — adequate to ensure the physical, emotional, intellectual, economic and spiritual integrity of all people;
  2. Universal — available to all people in need, without discrimination;
  3. Ethical — respecting the self-direction, empowerment, dignity, human rights and privacy of all people served; and
  4. Accountable and Autonomous — meeting appropriate, relevant best practice standards while promoting fair and rational contractual relationships and funder expectations.

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