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The Pavilion at The Centre of Tallahassee

The Pavilion at The Centre of Tallahassee

We’re so excited to announce phase one of the redevelopment of the former Tallahassee Mall into The Centre of Tallahassee! The property will be transformed into a mixed use development that will make it the center of retail, culture, arts, dining, and entertainment in Tallahassee. Approximately 600,000 square feet of the existing mall property will remain open and operating during the Phase I Redevelopment including anchor tenants: AMC Theaters, Belk, Burlington Coat Factory, Ross, and Barnes & Noble.  Approximately 155,000 square feet of existing mall space will be demolished and replaced with two vehicular cross streets, an open air concert venue, an urban park, restaurants, specialty shops, and several special events venues.  A new food court and mall entry will be added to the south side of the remaining enclosed mall just across from the Burlington Coat Factory entrance.  The remaining enclosed mall will be refreshed with a new interior design package.  The former Dillard’s building will be renovated with new ground floor retail, and the second floor will feature a culture & arts center and an entrepreneurship incubator.  The development will include a new amphitheater which will bring in 15-20 national acts and will be used by the local cultural arts organizations.  The Centre of Tallahassee will become a true live, work, play development for all to enjoy!

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  1. Can we please for the love of god get some shows booked here?!?!?! I would love to be able to throw all my money at a venue in Tallahassee if they booked a mix of artists. I'm tired of it just being country and '70's rock and it being more expensive than going to Orlando for a show! Alice Cooper was great, and while '70's rock, it was a good show and the venue was great! Instead of just being an

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