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Sangha Press

Sangha Press

Since opening in 2014, Sangha Press has become the place for letterpress in Tallahassee. Whether you’re a designer, bride, wedding planner or business owner we’re here to help you get the printed piece you want. Working with letterpress print or embossing our 20 plus years of experience will guide you through the process and cater to your needs. We view your job as the most important job in our shop which means we make sure it’s done the right way. The entire process, from the planning and designing to the ordering of paper and materials to the actual printing and trimming is handled in-house with care and attention to detail that keeps the quality at the highest level. We run small and large sized platen presses ranging from 60 to 105 years old which use very low quantities of chemical and have a minimal carbon footprint.  The 1957 Challenge Proof press is the workhorse for our poster printing. 2 of our 5 presses are human powered and we’re proud to be able to offer an environmentally conscientious print option. The presses and ever expanding type collection we have are in themselves works of art. We take great pride in our craft and strive to make sure your job is nothing short of amazing.

Twice a year we offer Introduction to Letterpress Workshops each year limited to four students. Individual private daylong training are also available. The fall daylong workshop is September 26, 2015. After completion of an intro class press rentals are available.

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