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Magnolia Glass Studio

Magnolia Glass Studio

Interested in learning the art of glass blowing? At Magnolia Glass Studio, we offer individual and group lamp working classes by appointment every day. We also offer hourly, daily, and monthly torch rental or booth space for those looking for a glass blowing community.

Open studio every Third Thursday from 6-10pm. Watch glass art be created, by hand and on the glass lathe.

Call for more information.


  • Gallery 1 - Magnolia Glass Studio
  • Gallery 2 - Magnolia Glass Studio
  • Gallery 3 - Magnolia Glass Studio
  • We offer glassblowing classes at our 8 sided teaching table.

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  1. Hi. I was wondering if you have gift certificates for Christmas. My husband has been wanting to do this. Could you also give me some pricing info about your classes. Thank you.

    Sue Gee


  2. Just wondering if there is any way to get small glass repairs for my tobacco water pipe.


  3. I need small glass pieces of blown glass- do u have scraps to sell?


  4. When will beginner glassblowing classes start. Ext and price please


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