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Florida State Opera

Florida State Opera

The Florida State Opera is a part of the FSU College of Music, and offers students educational opportunities in performance, coaching, conducting, and stage directing. The Florida State Opera provides the Tallahassee community with performances and other activities designed to foster interest in

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Florida State Opera Educational Outreach Program


Program Description

The FSO’s educational outreach program is designed for young audiences. The goal is to expose young people to the genre and help them have a better understanding and appreciation for opera. Shows are performed in English by Florida State Opera students. The 30-45 minute opera is appropriate for elementary school or middle school.

Program Detail

Program type: In-school Performance
Artistic Discipline: Music, Theatre
Subject: Music
Available dates:

Typically performances are in the schools in late January and early February.


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  1. Hi, we have not received confirmation for your visit that was booked a while back. Our reservation is for January 28, 2020, Tuesday, at 9:00 a.m. Thank you.

    Please advise.

    Mariana Powell
    Springwood Elementary School
    850 488 225


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