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Embrace World Cultures

Embrace World Cultures

About Us

Welcome to Embrace World Cultures (EWC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to connecting the world through the transformative power of cultural exchange. At Embrace World Cultures, we believe in the potential of cultural arts to foster understanding, bridge divides, and inspire mutual respect among diverse communities.

Our mission is to promote, present, and preserve the rich tapestry of world cultural arts, film, and educational programs. We strive to bring world performances into our local communities and mainstream entertainment venues, providing accessible exposure to cultures that might otherwise remain unseen.

Bringing World Performance to Our Community

We value the power of performance art as a universal language, transcending geographical and linguistic boundaries. Our diverse programs, such as the renowned Festival on the Nile International and Fusion World Dance and Music Live offer incredible experiences in music, dance, theatre, and visual arts, bringing together artists from around the globe to celebrate our shared humanity.

Providing Education to Kids in After-School Programs

At EWC, we believe in the importance of education in fostering cultural appreciation from a young age. Our Kids Cultural Arts Exchange provides engaging after-school programs that immerse children in different world cultures. These programs provide a unique educational platform where kids can learn about the world, develop new skills, and gain ... view more »

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