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You can upload a primary event image and up to 15 additional gallery images below – the primary image will be the default image displayed with your event. The gallery images will appear on the event detail page under the “Media Gallery” section.

IMPORTANT: All images must be .jpg, .png, .jpeg format only. Each image must be 300×300 or larger and should not exceed a file size of 1.46 megabyte (mb). Image file names must NOT contain spaces between words, question marks, exclamation points, apostrophes, quotation marks, or most other symbols (hyphens and underscore marks are OK). Our system automatically rejects images with bad file names.

PLEASE NOTE: Simple images, not posters, make the best featured images. If you want to include a poster or text-heavy image, add it to the gallery image section. Events without plain images as a featured image or in the gallery image section will NOT be considered for use in the featured event section in COCA’s weekly “THIS WEEK!” email.