AR Workshop Tallahassee

AR Workshop Tallahassee

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 1950 Thomasville Rd., Ste. J, Tallahassee, FL 32303

AR Workshop is a DIY workshop where you create on-trend home decor from raw materials such as wood signs, canvas pillows & wall hangings, centerpiece boxes, bottle openers and more. Enjoy a girl’s night out, date night, bachelorette party, bridal/baby shower, team building event, private party or birthday party at AR Workshop where you can enjoy an inspiring atmosphere.

AR Workshop Tallahassee is co-owned by Melissa Rudd and Yvonne Smart. This dynamic duo has spent their careers providing excellent customer service and warm hospitality to their clients. Add in a background of Graphic Design, and your next Do-It-Yourself project will be a joy to make and brag-worthy! Whether your passion is crafting, home décor, or time with family and friends, we have a seat for you at our AR Workshop table. Melissa and Yvonne enjoy nothing more than guiding a first-timer to success, and equipping the DIY artist to new, stunning creations! Come join us in putting the FUN in home décor – made by YOU!
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AR Workshop Tallahassee

1950 Thomasville Rd.

Tallahassee, FL 32303