Downtown Public Art Walk

Downtown Public Art Walk


The Sunday Paper by W. Stanley Proctor

Outdoor art abounds in Tallahassee! The downtown area alone boasts dozens of examples of public sculptures, murals, windows, memorials, and monuments.

This walk will get your heart pumping and give you a glimpse of our downtown public art. Starting at The Sunday Paper sculpture on Kleman Plaza, the route will take you past numerous historic monuments as well as plenty of fun and funky pieces that make our downtown unique.

This walk promotes a healthy lifestyle and offers residents and visitors the opportunity to experience and appreciate our outdoor public art.

The route is approximately 3 miles and it highlights more than thirty pieces of art in downtown Tallahassee.

CLICK HERE to see the mapped route with links to all the artwork along the way.

CLICK HERE to download turn by turn directions.

If you’ve got little ones with you, or if you’re short on time, we offer a more condensed downtown art walk.

The route is approximately 1.3 miles and it highlights more than twenty pieces of art in downtown Tallahassee

CLICK HERE to see the mapped shortened version

CLICK HERE to download the shortened turn by turn directions

Public parking is available downtown on the street and in the Kleman Plaza garage.

Public restrooms are available along the route. The course includes slight inclines, occasional uneven sidewalks, and stairs. This route is not easily accessible for those who use wheel chairs or strollers. Though alternative ramp access exists for locations with stairs, those areas have not been included on the route map.

COCA also offers an All Saints Public Art Walk. To learn more about all of the other outdoor public artworks in the Tallahassee area, visit COCA’s Outdoor Public Art Directory and Outdoor Public Art Map.