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Around the Writer's Table

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Around the Writer’s Table came about from one writer’s desire to understand the art and craft of writing, as well as the emotional and psychological life of a writer. Gina Edwards is a retreat leader, a certified creativity coach, a book editor, and a writer. From all angles, she’s intimately familiar with the rollercoaster of challenges and elation that make up the writer’s life.

For decades, Gina studied the craft of writing, at first, to apply the learning and knowledge to her own work. Then, as she struggled along the rocky path of trying to be a writer with the rest of life whirling around her, she also began to examine our need to create and, yet, our push against that desire even when it’s persistent. She studied what motivates us to create and what hinders us, and how we act and react at each milestone in the creative process.

Now, through Around the Writer’s Table, she gets to share her learning and knowledge with other writers as they travel their own creative journeys. Writing retreats, coaching, and editing give her the opportunity to support women who want to write as a way to use their voices and a way to make sense of this crazy world. She supports all women writers—published and aspiring—who want to write as an act of courageous and necessary self-expression.

Gina walks the writer’s path hand-in-hand with her clients and students, helping them establish a writing practice and define a creative life on their own terms. You can connect with Gina at