Florida State Opera

Florida State Opera

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Website: https://music.fsu.edu/programs/opera


 122 N Copeland St Room 002, Tallahassee, FL 32306

Florida State Opera at The Florida State University College of Music is dedicated to serving the professionally-oriented student, the musical and scholastic life of the University and the cultural vitality of the immediate geographic area.

Its primary aim is to identify and unlock the potential of the student singer, coach/accompanist and stage director, equipping him or her with a secure technical foundation in all areas vital to the development of a successful and fulfilling professional life in opera/music-theater: drama and movement, musical styles and diction, range of repertoire, production methods, stage experience, career orientation and promotion. Additionally Florida State Opera aims to instill a love and respect for other music theater forms and their component parts and for the artists and craftspersons who practice them, to inspire a strong sense of the artist’s role in the community and to emphasize the values of self-motivation and strong artistic goals.

Florida State Opera stresses the importance of its visibility as a performance resource not only to the University, but also to the Greater Tallahassee community and beyond. As such it is the particular mission of the Opera to explore the scope and variety of the vast body of work comprising the repertory and, in so doing, to create and provide stimulating and vital productions; professional in quality, strong in musical and theatrical values and rich in imagination.

Florida State Opera seeks, in addition, to provide that community with performances and other activities designed to foster interest in opera and related music-theater forms; developing new audiences, stimulating the current opera-going public and introducing school-aged children to its myriad rewards.