Jun 04 2021
Jul 25 2021
Free Spirit

Free Spirit

Presented by Venvi Art Gallery at Online/Virtual Space

Free Spirit  Show Duration: June 4th - July 11, 2021, Online Show in "Viewing Room"    The elusive and hypnotic reflection of glittering light on water’s surface is captured in the brilliant paintings of our newest online showing, Free Spirit by Austin Palmer-Smith. He brings forth the meditative state and tranquility one might feel while looking out over a vast seascape. Working from a deep place of knowing and trust, Austin relies on mostly intuition to create these works of art.  While humans venture to Mars, most of the ocean is still unexplored. A giant mystery lingering on our home planet. These water paintings are expressions of hidden worlds within us all. Depths we really can’t comprehend and can only imagine, accept and appreciate. Austin Palmer-Smith was born in Paris where his mother was a model and his father a fashion photographer. After studying painting under Lawrence Gipe at the University of California Santa Barbara he returned to New York to paint murals for the A-List interior designers and their clients (Oprah Winfrey, Harrison Ford, Kim Cattrell to name drop a few) and produce a beautiful body of work. The artist felt at home painting murals. He says, give him “an excuse to paint an enormous painting and [he] will be happy.”   Inspiration is a painting in the show that really represents the body of work well. The highly contrasting colors and disorderly patterns of waves evoke a poetic sensation. There’s humility in knowing we are all merely a drop in the ocean, a fleeting wave in time and space. Palmer-Smith thanks Manhattan for most of his artistic inspiration. For a while, he practically lived at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with his sketchbook, absorbing and drawing from the great works throughout the ages. Vincent Van Gogh and John Singer Sargent are a couple of the artist’s heroes and Palmer-Smith adopted their emphasis on the importance of drawing and sketching from life. If you ever were to spot Austin Palmer-Smith in New York City, there’s a good chance he would be sketching, “whether waiting for the bus, on the train or on the street, observing the seemingly limitless flow of forms and humanity,” in the words of the artist himself. Free Spirit will be Austin Palmer-Smith’s first show with Venvi Art Gallery. It will be available from June 4th to July 25th 2021 and the public can purchase his artwork directly from Venvi’s website by visiting the online viewing room.

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2021/06/04 - 2021/07/25

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Online/Virtual Space