Apr 06 2018
May 12 2018
Brinda Pamulapati: Texture in Colors

Brinda Pamulapati: Texture in Colors

Presented by Venvi Art Gallery at Venvi Art Gallery

Venvi Art Gallery is pleased to present “Texture in Colors,” a new series of abstract acrylics on canvas by local artist Brinda Pamulapati, on view April 6 – May 12, 2018.  According to Pamulapati, the paintings seek to translate on to canvas the “light and dark shades in nature” through unique textures and varying values of color. Painting with her “gut feelings,” which have developed over the years, she chooses colors and textures “spontaneously.”

Pamulapati builds texture in her compositions using a process of under painting and strategic layering of acrylic paints. Variations in hue fascinate her, she says, because of their capacity to create emotional depth and, as if through “magic,” make a two dimensional object appear three dimensional and vice versa.  Wanting the shapes and textures of her paintings to be distinct from anything visible in nature, Pamulapati seeks to move beyond the world of appearances to express and evoke emotion. She sees the vibrant colors that distinguish her paintings as therapeutic – as a means to create a “cheerful and happy atmosphere” that elevates the viewer’s mood. She seeks to “surprise the viewers,” who, she hopes, will walk away from the paintings feeling “happy, astounded, motivated, or inspired.”


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2018/04/06 - 2018/05/12

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