Call for Art: Learning from COVID 19 Experiences p...

Call for Art: Learning from COVID 19 Experiences p...

Posted by Department of Art Education at FSU

Posted: Apr, 06, 2016

Call for Visual Artists


 Tallahassee, FL, 32306

The Learning from COVID 19 Experiences team is currently seeking artworks by art therapists. Submitted artworks should represent art created during the pandemic. Accompanying artists’ statements should reflect upon the roles that art-making experiences have served during pandemic times.

The project is coordinated by the Florida State University Art Therapy Program in collaboration with International Partners including the National Association for the Development of Art Therapy Science and Practice Art Therapy Association of Russia. The exhibits are a part of the larger project which will address the significant mental health consequences of the global COVID 19 pandemic and will explore effective art therapy methods for supporting resilience among youth and families. Professional exchanges of US and Russian art therapists, mental health professionals, and educators will be facilitated to meet these aims.

  • Artists may submit up to 2 artworks along with artist statements
  • Artists are required to submit high-quality images suitable for printing at local exhibition: 300 dpi, jpeg, no larger than 18” x 24”
  • Art and Artist Statements must address the project themes regarding artmaking during the pandemic or reflecting on pandemic experiences. Two versions of the artist statement are required. a) 300-word statement about the role of your artmaking during the pandemic. b) 80-word-short version of the artist statement for virtual exhibition  displays
  • Artists must provide  information regarding current employment affiliations, including self-employment
  • Artwork images and statements must be uploaded directly via the provided Qualtrics survey form