TLMC Recorded Feature Series

TLMC Recorded Feature Series

Posted by Tallahassee Live Music Community Charity Group, Inc.

Posted: May, 19, 2020

Call for Musicians/Vocalists



 9330 W Tennessee St, Tallahassee, FL, 32304

Are you a musician or band interested in participating in a recorded feature that includes a full concert, interview and paid promotion? Want to raise funds for your band? Jazz, Rock, Country, Rap, R&B, Inspirational, Blues, Orchestras, all genres welcome!

This feature includes full production, 4K cameras, audio and video editing, and paid promotion ALL FREE! Songs must be original. Sets 25-45 minutes.

Shoot us a message to book today!


TLMC is shooting onsite commercials for local businesses who sponsor our recorded features for musicians. High quality 4K video, 3 hour onsite shoot, including lighting, equipment, audio and video editing, and promotion during our features.

If you are interested in a commercial for your business to be featured and boosted during releases, as well a copy of the commercial, free shows, drink vouchers, space for business events, VIP access to select features, please email Alicia @