Theater Tech Fall Apprenticeship

Theater Tech Fall Apprenticeship

Posted by All Saints Culture Club

Posted: Apr, 11, 2018

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 (850) 597-2391

 59 Shadeville Road, Crawfordville, FL, 32327

Palaver Tree Theater Company, Crawfordville, Florida’s premier experimental theater and the region’s only black box, is seeking volunteer apprentices for set construction, tech, and show running for our Fall lineup of productions. This is an excellent opportunity to widen technical prowess, create portfolio, and to create immersive and captivating environments in a unique setting.

Under the direction of the artistic director and master technician, the chosen apprentice will work with other crew members, the play directors, and the cast during tech weeks, to design and construct the play set, and to stage the two weekends of performance to follow.

In all Palaver productions, great emphasis is placed on inventive purposing of the black box space, and on creating new ways to stage modern theater.

The management has dozens of years of combined experience in professional theater both here and in major metropolitan areas, and as one of the region’s “learning theaters”, personal growth and advancement are prioritized.

Please inquire to, and to arrange a personal tour of the facility.



Palaver Tree is Crawfordville, Florida’s premiere independent theater company, the region’s only black box, and a forward home for the cultural community. Begun 10 years ago and existing through roaming performances, the company moved into a permanent home in 2018, retrofitting and modernizing a storage unit facility. The company focuses not just on the theatrical arts as production, but on impact and community dialogue, and nurtures the values of culture, community, spirit, and belonging.

Inclusion and diversity are the bedrocks of Palaver. The company is named for the tree in African cultures and history under which the community gathers to share stories and pass on oral traditions.