Call For Cotton Pickin' Plein Air Artists

Call For Cotton Pickin' Plein Air Artists

Posted by Pines & Palms: The Georgia-Florida Artists Association

Posted: Aug, 27, 2017

Call for Visual Artists



 PO Box 3112, Thomasville, GA, Unknown

Been painting for years or just starting? Come for a cotton pickin’ weekend to Boston, GA—a quaint and vibrant place founded in 1835 just ten miles from Thomasville. From here, you can branch out in the area to capture the cotton harvest with dozens of other artists. All levels of expertise welcome. Opportunity to spend mornings working with master artists for a nominal fee. Housing available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Event Sale on Saturday, October 21 at Studio 209 in Thomasville. Participation is free, artist membership ($35) in the new Pines & Palms nonprofit is required. Please visit to register!