Casting Call for Short Film with 1of1 Limited

Casting Call for Short Film with 1of1 Limited



 Tallahassee, FL, Unknown

Casting Call for Short Film with 1of1 Limited

1of1 Limited is a creative media firm that creates original media content for recording artists, small businesses, models and more. We have a history for creating music videos framed with narrative storylines and are currently casting for our next project, “Money 4 My Momma”, with song lyrics written by local hip-hop artist Black Tarzan. For the scenes in the film, we are looking to cast the following roles:


Young Tarzan Character Description:

Speaking Role. Around 5’11. Age 16- 17. Slim /slender physique. Flattop or small afro haircut, black hair. Black with dark complexion. Modest, not pretentious. Young Tarzan is passionate about hip-hop and began experimenting with DJ’ing, rapping, anddrummingduringthistimein his life. An intelligent, dynamic and creative teenager who reads comic books on his way to class and play basketball after school. In his social life, Young Tarzan would fit in with multiple groups, such as the gamers and “nerds” whosupportedhispassionformusic, as well as the basketballplayersandathletetypes, who were less supportive of his creative pursuits. Not cliquey but not that he didn’twantto be in a clique, he just didn’tfitin with one single group.


Momma Tarzan Character Description:

Non-Speaking Role. Older motherly figure, age range 40 – 50. Slim /slender physique. Black with dark complexion. Young Tarzan’sMomma, shestaysat home for most of her time taking care of the family. Compassionateandsupportiveof Young Tarzan’smusicalpursuits.


Lil Tarzan Character Description:

Non-Speaking Role. Age 13 -15, Around 5’8. Pre-teen / younger teenager, black with dark complexion. Short hair. Average physique. Lil Tarzan is Young Tarzan’syoungerbrotherandwillbe in scenes interactingwithMommaTarzanwhilesheis cooking dinner for the family.


Tiny Tarzan Character Description:

Speaking Role. Age 4 – 7. Blackwithdarkcomplexion. Smallphysique. Blackhair. TinyTarzanis Young Tarzan at this age who speaks in a small “newsinterview” typesegment.


Additional Information below


Audition Dates: Friday, September 2nd and Saturday, September 3rd

between 12pm and 5pm.


Call 813-451-3842 to schedule your audition time and receive the location details for the audition. Also, if you are unable to make the audition, please send over a headshot and resume if you have one to Please bring a resume with you if you have one. Thanks, and we are looking forward to hearing from you.