Feature Film Finishing Fund Grant

Feature Film Finishing Fund Grant

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The Feature Film Finishing Fund Grant is presented to a current Women in Film Florida (WIFT-FL) member to help complete an existing feature film project in the amount of up to $3,000. We encourage submissions of quality projects in all genres.

The WIFT-FL Board of Directors approves the final selection of the WIFT-FL Feature Film Finishing Fund Grant Recipient. Qualifying funds apply to the project submitted with the grant application. The award amount is determined by the WIFT-FL Scholastic Grant Fund Committee presiding over the grant cycle calendar year. Only one (1) project per applicant for each grant cycle is permitted.

Announcement of the Recipient will take place during a WIFT-FL event as determined by the WIFT-FL Scholastic Grant Fund Committee. Recipient is expected to be present.

WIFT-FL board members, Scholastic Grant Fund Committee members, and their family members as well as previous Feature Film Finishing Fund Grant Recipients are not eligible to apply.

*Examples of third party individuals might be: editor consultations; fine-cut editing; DVD authoring; sound mixing; color correction; music composer; music licensing; title design; graphics/animation/Illustration; dub-titling; close-captioning; archival footage rights; and master dubs. For questions about other services, contact WIFT-FL Grants & Scholarship Committee @ scholarships@womeninfilmfl.org.

Grant cycle begins July 1 and ends December 1 of the current calendar year.
Application Deadline: September 30 at 5:00 p.m.
Completed feature film project is due December 1 in a format to be determined.
Deadline to submit invoices for payment is no later than December 1


Applicant must:

• Be a current WIFT-FL member

• Be available for an interview with a WIFT-FL representative if deemed necessary


Project must:

• Have females in at least two (2) of these key positions: principal actor, writer, director, producer, cinematographer, or editor

• Be a feature film between 60 to 120 minutes

• Have completed principal photography

• Not at any point have been in commercial or festival distribution

• Comply with our opening/closing credit requirements

Required Elements:

All items must be submitted in entirety to the WIFT-FL Scholastic Grant Fund Committee by email (scholarships@womeninfilmfl.org) no later than September 30 at 5:00 p.m.  to be considered. Every element should contain applicant’s contact information. No exceptions will be made and any applications and materials received after the deadline will not be considered. Only online submissions will be accepted. Women in Film/TV Florida is not responsible for any material lost during electronic transmission.

1. Completed application (download at www.womeninfilmfl.org)

2.  Personal statement including:

a. Applicant’s interest and experiences in writing, directing or producing films (1,000 words or less)
b. General aspects of financial need. Do not send personal financial information or statements.

3. Project footage (online link or DVD) of work in progress with a running time between 5 and 10 minutes. Footage should be rough assembly of scene or sequence. Do not submit trailers, marketing reels or raw unedited footage.

4. One (1) page description of submitted footage

5. Treatment or synopsis of the film

6. A plan for securing rights requiring clearance (e.g. stock footage, music, etc.)

7. Post-production budget



• If chosen, Recipient must provide monthly reports on the progress of the film by email to scholarships@womeninfilmfl.org.

• If there is an opening title sequence, Recipient is required to include the following language: “A Women in Film/TV Florida Grant Assisted Film”

• Closing credits must include the current WIFT-FL logo in conjunction with the written closing credits acknowledgement, “This film was made possible in part by Women in Film/TV Florida.”

• The Recipient must allow WIFT-FL to use it’s name and the film in WIFT-FL promotions as deemed appropriate.

DISCLAIMER: The selection of a Feature Film Finishing Fund Award Recipient is contingent upon qualified projects presented for consideration. Submission does not guarantee selection.


WIFT-FL Scholastic Grant Fund Committee reviews all submissions and makes its recommendation to the WIFT-FL Board. The Board approves the final selection of the Recipient.

The committee considers the following when reviewing submissions:

• Do the applicant and the project meet all eligibility requirements?
• Does the applicant clearly demonstrate that the Grant will make a critical contribution to the completion of the film?
• Does the project have artistic merit?
• Does the project have a realistic post-production budget?
• Is the Applicant willing to meet the additional requirements?

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