Casting Call

Casting Call


 Thomasville, GA, Unknown


Some Thomasville, GA natives have returned home after years in LA and have a film in pre-pro that will shoot in late summer.  They are currently casting and looking for the following:


Character Breakdowns:

Celeste – Caucasian female. Late 20’s. ‘Girl-next-door’ style beauty. Warm nature, quick wit. A bit soft spoken and reserved.

Kamaria – African American female. Early to mid 20’s. Smooth caramel complexion. Bright eyes. College student who works at her grandmothers small, slightly unconventional, home remedy shop.

Zorra – African American female. Mid 60’s. Owns a slightly unconventional home remedy shop. Grandmother to Kamaria. Speaks with a thick southern creole style accent.


Contact Information:

Our email is the best contact.

We can also be reached through our website