Submit to be Published – AIGA TLH Creative Annua...

Submit to be Published – AIGA TLH Creative Annua...


 Tallahassee, FL, 32312

AIGA Tallahassee, the local chapter of the professional association for design, is excited to announce the launch of our first Creative Annual. This celebration of creativity in Tallahassee will bring together almost all of the visual arts in a snapshot keepsake book. As a collection rather than a competition, our goal is to make the most inclusive and comprehensive record of a year’s work in our community. There are very few restrictions on the type of work you can enter, other than it should have been made during the 2021 calendar year. Every entry receives a copy of the book.

It’s not a competition?

No. This is not an awards show. There are no winners or losers. No one is judging this work to meet any sort of standard.** No one is comparing your work in any objective fashion. This is a simple pay to play process where any work submitted can appear in the collection.

**Although we do retain the right to reject work on an individual basis at our discretion.

How do I enter?

Work can be submitted through a submission form. If you do not have a Google account, please contact us to get alternate means of submissions.

Ways to enter?

There are two ways to enter. You can buy 1 page or 2. The 1-page entry gets you 1 image. The 2-page spread entry allows for up to 5 images. Both entries require a 200-word description of the work. If you want to enter another subject matter (a new piece of work) then you buy another entry of your choosing. Each page you buy gets you a copy of the book.

When is the entry deadline?

Entries will be accepted through January 31, 2022. The Annual is expected to be available in April 2022.

So how much?

A 1-page entry will cost $50. A 2-page entry will cost $100. It’s all based on a simple per-page production cost. A 2-page entry will afford you up to 5 images and an extra copy of the book.

More questions?

Visit our FAQ page for more information.