Saylor Dollar

Saylor Dollar


 (850) 933-7502

   3525 Larkspur Lane, Tallahassee, FL

Saylor Dollar is an acoustic duo based in Tallahassee, Florida. Band members are Dale Dollar (guitarist), and Lisa Saylor Dollar (vocals and violin). They perform an eclectic mix of original music featuring guitar riffs with a 70's southern rock feel, Irish folk-style song structure, and lyrics inspired by Appalachian story-telling and love.

Lisa Saylor Dollar has a degree in music education from the Florida State University. She has completed additional studies in Eisenstadt, Vienna, and Salzburg, Austria. Lisa is a music teacher in the public schools. She began performing in church as a child, and has performed with many professional orchestras and as a free-lance violinist. She has performed with local bands including Crossroad Bluegrass and Sweet & Greasy.

Dale Dollar studied guitar at the Florida State University. He has taught private guitar lessons and has written and performed with many bands including Shapeshifter Project, Carrion Curse, and Sweet & Greasy.