Kathleen Wilcox

Kathleen Wilcox

Glasswork - Jewelry - Visual Arts - Enamel Glass fused to copper


Website: http://www.wilcoxenamels.com/

   217 Mill Branch Rd., Tallahassee, FL, 32312

I have been working with the medium of vitreous enamel since 1976, either creating enamel art pieces or teaching enameling. Enamel is a powdered glass that is fused to metal. I apply and fire my enamel work in many separate layers in a 1500 kiln. I approach the many enamel techniques through methods of drawing, painting, printing and collage. My favorite subject matter is related to plant and animal forms in nature. I think of my work as a celebration or homage to nature's gifts. My enamels are assemblage wall pieces or jewelry.

When I teach enameling I do a tremendous amount of research and example enamel samples. I enjoy the process of designing, preparing a workshop and then sharing to others. Teaching has also helped me to improve my own enameling skills.