Mary Liz Tippin-Moody

Mary Liz Tippin-Moody

Graphic Arts - Graphic Arts - Illustration - Media and Visual Communications - Murals - Painting - Private Lessons for Adults - Private Lessons for Kids - Teaching Artist/Instructor - Visual Arts - Visual Arts Instructor - Works on paper - Class teacher / guide at Tallahassee Senior Center


   591 Hickory Lane, Havana, FL, 32333

I am a Tallahassee native and FSU graduate. Employed for over three decades in the graphic design and advertising agency world, I now enjoy a freelance career creating illustrations, design projects and writing content for a variety of regional professionals. Most of the fine art images I now show were created in my “spare time,” for the joy of the process itself.  Since my days back at Kate Sullivan Elementary, I have always loved drawing “from my head” to engage and amuse those around me. I welcome commissions of all kinds and have created custom portraits and one-of-a-kind greeting cards for friends of their pets, themselves, their houses, and cherished local landmarks, rendered with a whimsical touch.