Jennifer Haskins

Jennifer Haskins

Fiber - Sculpture - Textiles - Visual Arts - Visual Arts Instructor - Hatter/Milliner


I am a transplant to Tallahassee, FL from Asheville, NC.

My mission is to fuse inspiration, style and comfort in handcrafted hats.We are all so wonderfully unique, beautiful and quirky! I want to help you love and express your awesomeness. I am a designer who uses natural fibers to craft hats  as an art accessory of self-expression.

I use two techniques when crafting my hats; cut & sewn and blocked.                                              When blocking a hat I use a wool felt body that is hood shaped and a hat block. A hat block is a crown shaped mold made from smooth, soft wood. I begin by steaming the wool to loosen the wool fibers which makes it stretchy. I then quickly stretch the wool over the hat block, pulling and pinning until it is smooth against the wood. I use an iron to manipulate the bottom of the wool body into the brim.                                                                                                         My berets are an example of the cut and sewn technique. I design the pattern using paper and then use that pattern to cut pieces from flat fabric that are sewn together to make the hat.

I am inspired by the ways art, music and fashion set trends and help define a generation. I aim to obtain an edge of timelessness in all my hats.

Recently as an artist I have been using the techniques and tools used in hat making to create soft sculptures that are an expression of emotions.