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Peter Cooper, Music Editor of the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN, has this to say about Boo Radley’s original music: "’Boo Radley’ is something special. I really enjoy this music and want to hear much more. It's really, really good."

Boo Radley's original songs highlight the songwriting skills, sophisticated harmonies and guitar work, and true passions of the acoustic duo, comprised of Michael Shawn Turner and Patricia Matson-Turner. The two have been in the music business for decades. At the close of the ‘90’s, Michael achieved stardom in Manila, Philippines, in a band called Battery. Gracing a desk in Michael and Patty’s living room is a Nu107 Rock Award 2000 that Michael received as “Guitarist of the Year, Michael Turner of Battery.” For many years, Patty performed in the Mid-Atlantic Region as the lead singer of various rock and variety cover bands.

The two met in Tallahassee, Florida, and became fast friends. Michael asked Patty to help write a song he had been commissioned to write, and in one afternoon they came up with what is now the title track of their first commercial EP, “More than Meets the Eye”… (not for a minute did either of them foresee even performing the song, much less making it the title track of a Nashville-recorded EP!)

The recording took place in December 2016 at the iconic Treasure Isle Recorders, Inc. in Nashville, Tennessee. Owned by Fred Vail, legendary manager of The Beach Boys, Treasure Isle has been the recording base of such industry giants as Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Waylon Jennings, and Jason Aldean, to name just a few. At the engineering helm of Boo’s EP was Peter Coleman, yet another industry giant.

The EP is being enthusiastically received by music industry executives, radio and print personnel, as well as everyday listeners.


Kati Schardl of the Tallahassee Democrat, Tallahassee, FL:

“[More than Meets the Eye] is a seven-song slice of assured musicianship and warm harmonies, with Matson’s honey-rich voice meshing seamlessly with Turner’s, which ranges effortlessly from baritone to tenor. The songs cover the topical bases, with a baby-please-come-home song (“C’mon Home”), a drinkin’ ditty (“Ballad of Me, Myself & I”), a rambling, feel-good tune (“My Good Friend”) and an anthem on our common humanity (“Not Home Yet”).  All were produced with pristine attention to musical detail by Nashville legend Fred Vail at Treasure Isle Recordings.

The song that stuck in my ear was “Uphill,” with its spry picking and deft melodicism. When Matson unleashes her voice on the chorus, it’s glorious.”


Marina Brown, Tallahassee Democrat, Tallahassee, FL:

"...the high, clear, full-throated vocals of Patty Matson aren’t rock ‘n’ roll, but rather like shiny metal — warm silver dollars on a summer day. Turner’s expert guitar shows a professional who knows when to embellish and when to support. And together, Boo Radley’s crafted songs, tales of struggle and of quiet victories make compelling harmonies that leave their audience rapt."


John Baker, Gulf 104 Radio, Tallahassee, FL has this to say about the songs on ‘More than Meets the Eye’:

  1. More Than Meets the Eye – Wonderful pairing of voices, and incredible production values.
  2. C’mon Home – Again, your voices are a natural pairing and so far I’ve heard some very impressive writing.
  3. Ballad of Me, Myself and I – Great storytelling. Some heartfelt work and touching tones.
  4. Uphill – Very nice upbeat and uplifting sound with a positive look at the future. On this, as all selections so far, I am impressed with the guitar work interlaced with the sweet harmonies.
  5. My Good Friend – Another impressive writing effort showing in tandem with perfectly matched vocals. Harmonies are tight and that’s tough on a slower number!
  6. Not Home Yet - Another strong presentation of solid Americana. Vocals mesh wonderfully and create a pleasing effect to tell the tale.
  7. Picnic on the Roof – Great big sound in production that sets this slightly apart from the rest of the EP. Once again, a good effort of relating a story, this time with a haunting feel and a grabbing effect of the fade-in of the vocals on phrasing.


Matt Gardi, Owner, Bowery Station, Apalachicola, FL:

"Patty and Michael always create a music appreciation environment with their attention-grabbing vocals and skillful guitar that takes us on a tour of well written originals, all of which weave a tale defining their own style. It's been dubbed "New 850 Americana" as they lead the region in a sound that finds its roots in a variety of genres that this area of the country is known for."


Debbie Dix-Bishop, New Posh Listening Room, Crawfordville, FL:

"We LOVE this amazing duo! Their engaging originals, about life stories that are so easy to relate to, and the presentation of meaningful lyrics that are masterfully simple, yet deeply profound, is always a joy to hear. Their tight vocal harmonies, eclectic combinations of musical styles, and Michael Shawn's flawless guitar rhythms, rifts and interesting progressions, bring out and highlight the very best instrumental language to accompany their lyrics. "


Meaningful lyrics, high-quality, well-rehearsed vocal harmonies, and Turner’s intricate playing on his warm, full-bodied acoustic set Boo Radley apart. Their songs, speaking to modern-day, personal issues, resonate with audiences young and old. Having endured many hardships together, Michael and Patty can give validity to the emotions expressed through their music. Ranging from soft ballads to more hard-driving acoustic songs, their music has proven to thrive through Boo’s live performances.

Please stay tuned as the Boo Radley adventure continues!