Beth Appleton

Beth Appleton

Mixed Media - Painting - Visual Arts - Works on paper - Watercolor/Cut Paper Assemblages, Micrography, Digital Assemblages, Videos and Books


   P.O.Box 1058, Eastpoint, FL

Artist Statement: Beth Appleton

I was born in California but spent most of my childhood right in the middle of what my family calls “Old Florida”. My first appreciation for art was self taught, found in the rows of kitsch for sale at my aunt’s roadside fruit stand. Silver Springs was my playground; I practiced underwater ballet and dreamed one day I would become a Weekie Wachee mermaid. Today, while lost in art, I can still float.

The work I create holds this history while it invents where to go next. Personal experience adds layers that can be seen. Early works celebrated Highwaymen sunsets while life in New Mexico saturated palettes. Years spent on a Quincy farm cultivated dragon’s blood red and travels to Belize brought the bright yellows. A life full of stories weaves through my work.

For the past 26 years, I have worked from my studio home on the Gulf coast of Florida, a place of boundless inspiration. Here, I delight in tiny marine life and stand in awe of infinite sky.

Art is intuitive and exhilarating; it is good for the soul.

Artist Biography

1971: Graduated Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida

1971 – 1976: Taught art to all ages in public schools and community centers while continuing fine art graduate course studies at FSU.

1979 – 1988: Employed as a layout and design artist; drawing and figure studies continued. Volunteered in Gadsden County Florida schools, developed community outreach art programs.

1989: Teamed with husband, David Harbaugh, founded “Art in Gadsden, A Regional Exhibition of Fine Art”, a precursor to the current Gadsden Arts Center and Museum, Quincy, Florida. The watercolor and cut paper works began.

1991 – present: Cut paper and mixed media works continue as digital assemblages emerge. Artworks collected internationally enable a lifelong commitment to community and education through the arts. Inspired by a drop of water and a microscope, portfolio expands to include photomicrographs, books and video productions.

2018: Art career continues supported by local and regional art communities as well as national art centers and museums. New works and exhibitions are ongoing, promoting environmental awareness through art and science collaborations at National Estuarine Research Reserves and other science related venues. Working with Apalachicola artist, Jenny Odom, a new gallery collaboration begins.

Please visit online to view latest works and a list of public collections and selected exhibitions: