Sue Stelzmann

Sue Stelzmann


 (850) 766-2157

   Tallahassee, FL, 32301

My artwork is architectural and include large tile murals and sculptures that look like buildings. The murals I make are permanent public art pieces that use handmade tiles and assembled with mortar and grout. My sculptures use an architectural motifs to express my feelings about the world and how I internalize its values. All my work uses clay and is fired in a kiln.

My interest in clay started over 30 years ago when I took a clay class at a community art center. I grew up in Tampa and moved to Tallahassee after graduating from college with a math degree. Working full time as a management consultant, clay was my creative outlet. Mostly I am self-taught, but have had instruction from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia (1999) and various workshops offered by ceramic artists. In 2014 I started Tallahassee Clay Arts, a club for ceramic artists which now has over 100 active members.