Ryan Sullivan

Ryan Sullivan


Website: http://www.higherlevelhealing.com


   Tallahassee, FL, 32303

Ryan Sullivan uses sound to relax the mind, energize the spirit, calm the emotions and promote healing. In addition to incorporating live instruments and recorded music into his massage sessions, Ryan also performs concerts  and presentations. He is familiar with a wide-range of conventional and world instruments. He specializes in traditional flutes, including Shakuhachi, Bansuri, Fujara, Native American, and Ney. He also plays such interesting instruments as the Pin Pia, Tro, ZeZe, Daf and Didgeridoo.

His evolving ensemble of musicians known as "Sound..." perform "journeys of musical texture", which allow the listeners to leave their ordinary thoughts and float in a sea of singing bowls, violins, gongs, flutes and more. As a solo performer, Ryan enjoys presenting the Shakuhachi and its rich Zen tradition and repertoire. Having studied Shakuhachi in Japan, these "musical meditations" are performed in full traditional attire.  He has produced two albums of traditional Shakuhachi music.
For videos of performances, check YouTube for Higher Level Healing. He is featured on the website: Komuso.com