Bruce Ballister

Bruce Ballister


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   3009 Brookmont Dr, Tallahassee, FL, 32312

I have had a life-long love of science, fiction, and science fiction’s blend of the two. Every good science fiction requires that the reader make at least one assumption on faith, and according to Ballister, the science must be believable in context.

My background is technical writing for engineering and regional planning. Although I’m planning to shift into retirement mode to facilitate writing, I currently work for the Apalachee Regional Planning Council as the Economic Development Planner producing technical reports and grants that support community and economic development projects. His undergraduate studies in earth and physical sciences preceded a change of majors for a degree in commercial art. Three years with the US Army provided a wealth of access to personality types as well as personal insight into well run and badly run organizations. An early working career in engineering and project management was rounded out with a masters in urban and regional planning. Soon I will retire and call myself a writer.