Tia Loren Marie

Tia Loren Marie


Website: http://vsco.co/thefairchild/journal/p/1

Blog URL: https://www.instagram.com/thefairchild/

   2556 Centerville ct, Tallahassee, FL, 32308

Tia Loren Marie Haynes or “thefairchild” is no stranger to the Tallahassee area. She moved to Tallahassee in the 5th grade attending FAMU Developmental Research School until graduating in 2009. Staying true to her rattler roots, she attended Florida A&M University School of Architecture, where she graduated with her bachelors degree.

As she neared her graduation in 2013, she began to dissect what it means to be an “architect”, to influence space, to create dialogue, to solve problems, and bring something beautiful with long lasting effects to fruition. So she dived deep into the art world, becoming the Photo Editor of Journey Magazine the student driven magazine at Florida A&M University. Where she had her first published work.

She had her first art exhibition with Alien Astronauts 1st Annual Waffles & Brews on the same day as her graduation, initiating herself into the art world, coming out as an Artist to family and friends.

After graduation, she as participated in several exhibitions locally. She has helped complete the new Presidents Mural on FAMU campus in the Rattler’s Den. She has designed album covers and logos as well as dabbled in photography.

She recently been commissioned to paint a Mural of Connectivity “Gallie Alley: at 109 E. College Ave. here in Tallahassee next to Jasmine Cafe, where she is currently an employee.

Her work focuses on bringing social issues of undeserved communities to light. Empathetic and knowledgable about “architectural structures” from city planning, urban garden design, interior design and public art, she strives to heal communities everywhere one art piece, mural, garden at a time.