Lazarus Wilde

Lazarus Wilde



   1702 Eisenhower Street, Tallahassee, FL, 32310

Lazarus Wilde was created in early 2015 by Kenny Collette. This project was started to demo and record songs as a creative outlet for Kenny personally, as well as for people he has met throughout his entire life travels. Whether it was through touring, or starting another chapter of his life in another city, people have always been interested in what Kenny had to say.

Kenny being a nomad of sorts has lived everywhere from New Jersey and Pennsylvania, all the way to California & Puerto Rico. He has even lived on a boat for a couple months as well. During these different times in his life, he would write and record raw, passionate demos and give them to whomever he was staying with or recording for.

During the creation and writings of Lazarus Wilde. Kenny has fronted in a couple of bands as well. The bands include: Skeeto, Lady Radiator, The Murder and the Harlot and currently fronting Victory Dance. All of these have shaped Kenny to whom he has come to be. Never regretting any experience, but learning from them.