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Wiregrass Gallery

Wiregrass Gallery

When you walk into the Wiregrass Gallery, you can immediately feel the magic of over thirty local artists pouring their love and talent into the multitude of art, weavings, jewelry and artifacts throughout the freshly painted walls, hardwood floors and light flickering off the stained glass decorations and enameled jewels.  Picking up a hand-carved walking stick makes you long for a walk through the woods or merely a new dimension as you stroll through your home seeking adventures down memory lane.  The historical replicated pendants from time-worn fossils, wooden trees straight out of a Dr. Seuss tale, wooden pens that long to be used to create a hand-written letter that will be saved for centuries as well as paper collages that sparkle with birds and creatures from a magical forest.

Decorate yourself or a loved one with unique earrings, special pendants, sparkling jewels for a fraction of a jewelry store with the knowledge that each one was made by an individual with decades of experience, unique designs and craftsmanship.  Adorning the walls can also take you on a vacation as you admire golden sunsets, tropical beaches, misty scenes from a balmy day, dancers, singers, children at play, women playing the piano, wildlife, birds in flight, and even an exotic take on famous artists of the past.

Colorful Beatles sailing away on a wall-sized crossing of Abbey Road will take you to London or on a musical mystery tour.  You may leave with a unique original or printed greeting

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  1. NEW HOURS! THE Gallery is now Open Sunday afternoons and Monday in addition to Friday and Saturday


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