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Tallahassee Sacred Harp

Tallahassee Sacred Harp

A uniquely American tradition, Sacred Harp [or “shape-note”] singing brings a group together to sing four-part hymns and anthems. It’s inclusive, a democratic part of our shared cultural heritage. Our tradition is an ongoing practice passed directly to us by generations of singers, many gone on before and many still living.

All singings welcome beginners and newcomers. You need no musical experience or religious affiliation to join in. We’re not rehearsing for a performance, we are joining together in song. There’s no judgement, just enjoyment. Visitors are always welcome to sit anywhere in the room and participate as listeners.

History and practice: Sacred Harp began with colonial “singing schools.” These taught beginners to sing, and we continue singing with this goal. Sacred Harp is not affiliated with any denomination, and can be a spiritual experience for all involved. Sacred Harp “singings” are not performances. There are no rehearsals and no separate seats for an audience. Every singing is a unique and self-sufficient event with a different group of assembled participants. The singers sit in a “hollow square” Treble-Alto-Bass-Tenor, with Tenors singing the melody] formation with one voice part on each side, all facing inwards so we can see and hear each other.

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