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Tallahassee Bach Parley

Tallahassee Bach Parley

The Tallahassee Bach Parley brings the music of Baroque-era composers like J. S. Bach to life. Performing on period-style instruments, the Bach Parley offers a unique, exceptional concert experience that educates our community and encourages the talents of our region’s professional and student musicians.

The Tallahassee Bach Parley presents Baroque music as it was performed hundreds of years ago with a fresh sound immediately accessible today. The Bach Parley’s musicians – local professional performers and teachers, FSU faculty, and college students – are trained in historically informed performance. Many Bach Parley musicians also perform in Baroque music groups around the country, such as in Atlanta, New York, Texas, and Boston.

The Tallahassee Bach Parley will present five Baroque music concerts this season. The French word “parley” means discussion, and a key element of Bach Parley concerts is the commentary from the music director to discuss historical context for the composers and their world and to offer suggestions about what to listen for in the music. These conversational remarks create a relaxed concert atmosphere and connect the audience with the performers.

The Tallahassee Bach Parley also presents an annual competition and concert for young musicians playing pieces of the Baroque Era, called “Kids Go for B’roque.”

Lessons on violin, viola, and cello are offered at the Bach Parley String Academy, the Tallahassee Bach Parley’s music school, located

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  • The Bach Parley in Performance (photo: Nick Baldwin)

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