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Tallahassee Area Threshold Choir

Tallahassee Area Threshold Choir

The Tallahassee Area Threshold Choir brings comfort through song to those at the thresholds of living and dying. We are women with compassionate voices who sing for people facing difficult challenges.

When invited, we send two to four singers to offer soft, restful songs in short sessions designed to soothe, comfort, and bring peace. We sing in private homes, care facilities, and hospitals.

There is no charge for our gift of song. We graciously accept donations to support our work.


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  1. Dear Threshold Choir, Back in 20126 a good friend of mine, Steve Deckard, was comforted by your group who came to sing to him. You sang: "In The Morning, Very Early", a harmonized version of a hymn written by my wife.Anne McKinstry, to the tune of Beech Spring. Steve sent me a copy which I recently discovered on my computer. We both belonged to a groups called: "Friends of the Mt. Dulcimer".

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