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Lapis Lantern Studio

Lapis Lantern Studio

Lapis Lantern Studio is one artist, Rayna Leigh Sassano. Rayna illuminates artwork that is precious and does so with her genuine voice and desire to share. Her genuine voice represents no singular gender, race, or organization; happily, she is here for everyone who comes under the lanternlight to share in the story of life.

Presented by Lapis Lantern Studio at Two Locations: Paper Fox Coffee, RedEye Coffee Midtown (request location upon signup)

Jan 15, 2022 - Dec 23, 2023


  • flame of consciousness

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  1. Hi Rayna! Been a long time since last we talked! Hope you see this comment and call me! There is much for us to catch up about! So wonderful to see you’re still making your beautiful illustrations!


    • Oops! Forgot to mention my number is still (973) 896-8819. That would be helpful in case you lost my number since last we spoke! Sending all of the good vibes your way! (Also...why is the typing font so tiny here??)


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