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Making Light Productions

Making Light Productions

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Making Light Productions, a Tallahassee, Florida, based nonprofit corporation has two primary goals: high quality inclusive theatre arts education for children, teens, and adults of all abilities; and jobs and community for adults with disabilities.

MLP offers both private and group classes in voice, piano, guitar, percussion violin, acting, art, and musical theatre to all ages. Our facility at 2070 Blair Stone Rd. allows us to have several theatre companies so we can accommodate all experience levels and stage several productions per year.

Making Light Productions centers around an inclusive theatre arts program for kids of all abilities: music, art, dance and theatre. Inclusive means that kids of all abilities learn together. A 2005 Vanderbilt University Study concludes that theatre programs help kids with autism learn to recognize faces, play in groups and communicate with others. And “typical” kids never have to be taught that kids with special needs make great friends and have remarkable contributions to bring to a group. They’ve experienced that for themselves.

Many arts programs require a level of independent functioning that might not be possible for all kids with disabilities if a parent or therapist needs to attend a music lesson, theatre rehearsal or dance class with them. Making Light Productions’ open door policy encourages parent and therapist involvement with our FDLE-screened staff.

Including everyone does not mean you have to sacrifice

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