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Del Suggs

Del Suggs

With his flowing hair and walrus mustache, Del Suggs is easily recognizable on stages all over the country. His voice and his music are equally unique, and his songs are heard around the world. But it’s his live performance that really shines. Suggs is the epitome of a performer; his show is exciting, warm, funny, and meaningful without getting too deep.

The ASCAP award-winning songwriter, singer, and guitarist has cut a remarkable career path. During his thirty-plus year career, Suggs has produced and released five albums of his own songs. He’s also produced over a dozen releases for the independent label The Cascades Recording Company. He’s been named “The Very Best of The Best” in music by Campus Activities magazine. He has been inducted into the National Campus Entertainment Hall of Fame.

Del is recognized as one of the pioneers of a musical genre known as “Trop Rock” (tropical rock)– popularized by such artists as Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney. Early in his career, Del coined the term “saltwater music” to describe his style. The recent book “Trop Rock Songs: Stories and Tales” by Andy Forsyth devotes a full chapter to Del and his music. His songs are frequently covered by other Trop Rock artists– in fact his song “Magic Chair” was the title track John Reno‘s third album.

And just what is saltwater music? “That’s the most popular question I’m asked before I perform,” he said. “I say it’s a combination of acoustic rock, pop, blues, and folk music… wit

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  1. Do you know Danica Winter's phone number? I tried to call her but her phone number was not listed in Tallahassee like it used to be. Thank you.

    I enjoyed when you played over the years and also when Danica sang with you. And when Pierce Pettis did as well.


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