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Crystal Portal

Crystal Portal

Crystal Portal located conveniently in the heart of downtown Tallahassee in Railroad Square Art Park. Our team strives to not only provide you with high quality crystals, but also present you with an experience. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in selecting which crystal resonates with you best! We sell various metaphysical items such as handcrafted jewelry, incense, tapestries, prayer shawls, and more! All crystals are hand selected by our local owner, charged in a pyramid-shaped home (AKA The Pyramid Healing Arts Center) prior to arriving to the Crystal Portal, and cleansed daily with sage or palo santo. We find it important to put a lot of love and intention into our sacred space, and we hope you will come to experience the ~fresh~ vibrations!

In addition, we offer various services to the community of Tallahassee.
Contact us for Tarot readings, Crystal Consultations, Reiki Energy Healing Sessions, and Spiritual Counseling.
As we are eager to provide the community with affordable services we offer a sliding scale fees ($30-65) in order to invite all of those that are interested in experiencing the metaphysical services we offer. All services are paid for the duration of one hour, but if you prefer to extend the time feel free to express this to the healer.

Crystal Portal also facilitates monthly workshops and gatherings!
-Various Metaphysical/Spiritually Inclined workshops
-Monthly Women’s Circle (New Moon)
-Monthly Reiki Share Night (Experienced, Beginners, and Cur

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