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Camp Gordon Johnston WWII Museum

Camp Gordon Johnston WWII Museum

The Camp Gordon Johnston WWII Museum, located in Carrabelle, Florida, was established to honor and preserve the heritage of the men and women who trained at the camp during WWII. Camp Gordon Johnston opened in 1942 for the sole purpose of training Infantry Divisions and their support units in amphibious operations by U. S. Army Engineer Special Brigades [ESB].  This camp trained a quarter of a million men, closing in June of 1946. Three infantry divisions and two special brigades left here after receiving amphibious training to confront tyranny both in Europe and the Pacific. Learn about their dedication, fears and heroism at our museum.

The sacrifices and achievements of our WWII era citizens have led historians to label these individuals as the best generation America has yet produced. We feel it would be a tragedy not to display their accomplishments as a worthy lesson for today’s citizens. To this extent the museum promotes not only the history of WWII, but also portrays the gigantic effort that our nation poured into this conflict. The CGJ Museum has compiled an extensive history of the various units that trained here, as well as a photographic display of the area and life as it existed at the camp. Furthermore, the CGJ veterans have contributed the artifacts brought back from battles overseas, along with uniforms, equipment, and all sorts of souvenirs, too numerous to name.

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm. Closed Sundays & Mondays.

Presented by Camp Gordon Johnston WWII Museum at Camp Gordon Johnston WWII Museum

Jun 7 - Jul 9, 2022

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  1. The Camp Gordon Johnston Museum has moved to a new location. It is now located at:

    1873 Highway 98 West
    Carrabelle, FL 32322


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