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Bach Parley String Academy

Bach Parley String Academy

The Bach Parley String Academy offers violin, viola, and cello lessons for students of all ages, along with ukulele group classes.

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Our Faculty: 

Valerie Arsenault, Megan Sahely, William Sahely, Zlatina Staykova

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If you want to start lessons and don’t have an instrument, please contact us before you buy or rent one. You might see what you think is a good deal online, but there are a lot of poor quality instruments out there. We can help you find a fine quality instrument to rent or purchase within your budget. You can also visit our resources page here.

Our Mission is to cultivate in young people an appreciation of and achievement in music, nurture positive character development, and bridge cultural divisions through the common language of music.

Our Music Education Curriculum

  • Private lessons on violin, viola, & cello
  • Performance Opportunities, Masterclasses & All-State Preparation Workshops
  • Group lessons for technique, performance, & chamber music

Vision/Core Values

  • Provide high quality instruction on violin, viola, and cello at the central location of St. John’s Episcopal Church
  • Develop the character of the whole child (including leadership, focus, determination, reliability, responsibility)
  • Bring together students of different backgrounds through the study and performance of music
  • Cultivate a lifelong appreciation of music


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